Willing to Experiment


What a strange notion. It never crossed my mind that life was an experiment. For me it was almost set in concrete. What could I do about what life threw at me. It seemed as if I had drawn the short straw, as it were, and now had to live with the consequences. I’m [...]

Willing to Experiment2023-09-24T11:38:34+10:00

Releasing What Doesn’t Serve


What did I need to let go of? If everything starts in the mind as Unity’s co-founder Charles Fillmore asserts then I had to let go of some ways of thinking and some old beliefs. A belief being a thought we have had over and over imbued with emotion. That then becomes our reality. [...]

Releasing What Doesn’t Serve2023-09-24T11:40:37+10:00

Identifying What I Wanted


What do you want? Ah why was this so difficult to answer. I knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be in debt. I didn’t want to feel anxious about money all the  time. I didn’t want to feel sick when I went to buy groceries. I didn’t want to be in [...]

Identifying What I Wanted2023-01-21T09:46:57+10:00

Handling Money


Handling with Respect What do I know about handling money? When I first came across Mary Morrissey she had us take out our wallets and examine the contents. We had to see how we handled the physical stuff. Was it all just jammed in hickeldy pickle or was it all neatly arranged? Were there [...]

Handling Money2022-12-30T15:03:36+10:00
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