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We offer many areas of study to assist you in exploring your spiritual potential. In your pursuit of a more compassionate and fulfilling life, you can explore:

  • Individual courses to explore areas of interest
  • Self-determined path of spiritual enrichment
  • Credentialing paths to become Licensed Unity Teacher or Licensed/Ordained Unity Minister

Whatever your interests are, we appreciate your exploring our broad spiritual education curriculum and welcome your inquiries. Please let us know how we might help you on your journey.

“This school is… a link in the great educational movement begun by Jesus Christ, which not only taught the Truth, but demonstrated it also.”

— Charles Fillmore, Dedication of Tracy Street headquarters on January 1, 1915

Please note: Our classes are generally 5 weeks in length, meeting once a week for two hours. You can see more details by clicking on the class name.


Meet Our Facilitators

Ros is passionate about contributing to the growth of the Unity movement throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Rhonda’s passion is for teaching the Bible subjects, both history and interpretation.


After leaving school, Bill began a career in radio as an announcer, working in commercial radio in Tasmania, Victoria, then eventually Melbourne.


Julian grew up in a family involved with Australian Theatre which gave him the opportunity to live in every state capital city except Darwin.


Rachel was always destined to travel down the spiritual path from a very young age, having a mother and grandmothers on both sides that could see the unseen.


Diane started her personal journey of searching, questioning about life, and consciousness at a young age.


Complete Core Curriculum

If you are seeking credentialing, either as a Licensed Unity Teacher, or as a Licensed and Ordained Unity Minister, you would need to complete some specific classes in our core curriculum. Depending on which credentialing path you are on, as well as any undergraduate degrees you hold, determines which of these core classes are required.

The classes listed here are all offered of a two-year time period. To determine your next steps, and to support you on your journey of spiritual development, please don’t hesitate to connect with our Director of Education, Ros Goldsbrough. CLICK HERE to send her a private message.

HTS 100 Foundations of Unity 

Have you wondered what has guided and developed Unity and what foundational principles are Unity’s teachings built upon? Building consciousness, knowledge and skills in any endeavour begins with learning the foundational principles. Students will explore foundational principles from Lessons in Truth, Discover the Power and other historical texts. They will also learn how to integrate the foundational principles into daily life. 

HTS 140 History of New Thought and Unity 

What, when, why and how is New Thought and how does Unity fit within the concepts? Is Unity the only organisation that looks at spirituality from a different perspective? You will investigate the foundations of Unity as a contemporary movement that are explored in its roots in Transcendentalism, Christian Science and New Thought. Come explore Unity’s history and original cultural scene within a greater New Thought movement. You will also have the opportunity to consider the possibilities of Unity as an evolving cultural phenomenon. This historical exploration includes exposure to ideas, beliefs, and philosophies of the main “architects” of this stream of spiritual thought that in some ways has connections back further than the last 100 years.

SCS 100 Overview: Hebrew Scriptures

The most read book in the last 50 years is the Bible but who wrote it and what does it all mean? In this course you will delve into the Hebrew Scriptures (known as the “Old Testament” in the Christian world) which are at the root of three major world religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Hebrew Scriptures are a collection of fascinating and sometimes confusing stories, poetry, wisdom sayings and inspired visions. Join us and explore the rich history and development of Hebrew Scriptures which starts you on the journey to acquire a solid foundation for study and exploration and possibly answer your questions of who wrote it and what does it mean?

SCS 105 Overview: Christian Scriptures

Arguments about the Gospels, letters, history, and apocalyptic literature that comprises what is more commonly known as the “New Testament” of the Judeo-Christian Bible have been debated since they were written. However, to truly start developing an understanding of the Christian Scriptures you need to explore when they were written and who wrote them as well as who was their audience. This course is based on the premise that, whatever else the Christian Scriptures may be; they most definitely are the response of early Christian writers to both the person and the message of Jesus Christ. This course examines the Christian Scriptures as a testament about Jesus by those early Christian communities.

SCS 110 Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures

You have read the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and as beautiful as the writing is how does the Scripture relate to me today? Great question. Don’t take it literally! Beneath the literal sense of the Bible, interpreters have for over 2,000 years discerned allegorical meanings related to divine truths and spiritual realities. Unity’s approach to scripture is connected to the stream of thought, “what is the meaning for me today”? You will experience the rewarding and surprisingly practical process of the Unity way of Bible interpretation. You will learn a step-by-step method for metaphysical and maieutical interpretation and application of the meanings to your life. 

Recommended Prerequisite: SCS 100 – Overview: Hebrew Scriptures

SCS 115 Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation

The second half of the Bible (New Testament) can be just as confusing as the first. Again, if taken literally. However, Unity’s “maieutic” and metaphysical approach to interpreting scriptures aims to help the interpreter cultivate self-knowledge and make contact with the Higher Spiritual Self commonly called “Christ within” and “Christ consciousness.” You will discover inner spiritual meanings of the Christian Scriptures (Acts through Revelation) as you continue to apply the Unity method of interpretation to “the New Testament.”

Recommended Prerequisites: SCS 105 – Overview: Christian Scriptures and SCS 110 Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures

SCS 120 Jesus’ Teachings

Teachings about the Gospels have usually portrayed Jesus Christ as the “Great Exception” to being human. Jesus said that he was not the exception and that what he had within him was also within every being and that we needed to tap into that presence. By focusing upon what he said, we can see Jesus as the “Great Example” for Spiritual Awakening, Empowerment, and Transformation. By exploring the teachings of Jesus, rather than the teachings about Jesus, we can follow that example. You will develop a deeper and more practical understanding of Jesus as a master teacher through reflection upon his sayings and methods.

HTS 105 Metaphysics 1

If you have ever wondered about the Silence, meditation, and Unity prayer, this is the class for you! Discover some of the fundamental concepts and principles underwriting Unity’s spiritual philosophy called metaphysics. Achieve a basic understanding of consciousness and what it means to evolve spiritual awareness while building Christ or Divine Consciousness. Just what are Divine Purpose, Will, Plan, and Guidance and the important part you play in each of them? 

HTS 110 Metaphysics 2

This course takes a fresh look at and redefines traditional Christian terminology. Explore and be surprised by what Unity teaches about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and Jesus … and why this is important to you. Who and What are you and just what is your relationship with or to God? Find out Unity’s view on sin, evil and the Devil … oh my! … and why it really matters to you. In the process of exploring complex concepts and theological terminology, you will uncover your “embedded theology” and gain clarity on Unity teachings. 

HTS 115 Metaphysics 3

This course gets down to the nitty-gritty tools and teachings for creating a better you and a better life. It also introduces the 12 Powers, 12 innate abilities, you can use to raise your consciousness into a great expression of your Divine Potential. The third phase in metaphysical study focuses on opening the way for greater expression of your Divine Potential. To that end, you will be encouraged to investigate, analyze and use basic metaphysical tools for living.

HTS 120 Metaphysics 4

This course pulls together material from the other three focusing on inner and outer demonstration. Learn about the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God, and the creative process based on the metaphysical interpretation of Genesis 1. Explore the blocks and keys to demonstration focusing on Unity’s teachings for wholeness/well-being and prosperity.

Required Prerequisite: HTS 105 Metaphysics 1

Recommended Prerequisite: HTS 110 Metaphysics2 & HTS 115 Metaphysics 3

HTS 125 Twelve Powers

Change your mind, change your life! But how? Learn about Unity’s method of raising consciousness – the 12 Powers. Discover this powerful tool set for being the Christ, Higher Self, the exceptional you! The 12 Powers is the operating system of our minds for “uninstalling” unwanted thoughts, ideas, beliefs and images while “installing” better ones. If you ever wondered how to change your mind or raise your consciousness, this class is for you.

HTS 130 Prosperity 

What is true prosperity and why can’t I get some? Is this a question you have been asking yourself? In this course you will explore the broader meaning of prosperity beyond “material things” to discover your own deeper beliefs about money, abundance and lack. You will discover ways to address your own unexamined, unconscious assumptions about abundance, giving and generosity and create practices for healing limitations you hold about prosperity. You will examine the prosperity teachings of Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth, as well as contemporary teachings such as Lynne Twist’s The Soul of Money.

HTS 135 Healing and Wholeness 

Can I heal myself from any condition and become whole? Myrtle Fillmore and many others did and so can you! Unity began with a spiritual healing that was mediated through mind and application of principles. The healing practices and principles developed and applied by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore are the basis of this course. You will be working with the Fillmore’s teachings on healing and wholeness, as well as with historical and contemporary master teachers. The principles will be presented to support you in developing a practical understanding of Unity healing practices as “heart-centered metaphysicians.”

SCS 125 The Christ

What is the significance of the word “Christ”? The idea of “the Christ” has various meanings in various spiritual traditions and even more meanings in the context of individual belief systems. For some, “Jesus” and “Christ” are synonymous, yet even so interpretations of “Jesus Christ” vary for those believers. “Christ” as the Greek form of the Hebrew “Messiah” has an entirely different meaning for Judaism. In metaphysical teachings, “Christ” signifies an innate Spiritual principle and/or potential in every person. The goal of this course it to assist you experientially engage your own beliefs about “Jesus Christ” and the Christ idea using the Bible as the primary text. 

SPD 100 Unity Prayer

How do you pray? What do you know about how prayer works? Why is it when you ask God for help it is a hit or miss affair? Need answers? Then this course could be for you. Affirmative meditative prayer is at the heart of the Unity spiritual path. The Unity way of prayer is ultimately aimed at experience of the Divine and Realization of the practitioner’s Divine Potential. Along the way there are practical benefits, including guidance, healing and abundance. In this course, you will be introduced to Unity’s Five Step Prayer Process and supported in developing your own daily prayer practice.

SPD 105 Meditation Practices

When you hear the word meditation what concepts jump to mind? Transcendental, relaxation, yoga, Qi Gong? Hours spent in strange positions, chanting? Mindfulness? Not just through Unity but there has been extensive research on meditation practices that has revealed that regular meditation has many mental and physical benefits and that there are many effective ways to meditate. This course explores the practice and the experience of various forms of meditation. The benefits of the various forms of meditation will be explored as well as methods to deal with resistance to it. There will also be helpful tips for developing a regular meditation practice. Unity’s meditation practice known as Practicing the Silence, is fundamental and foundational to Unity teachings. Therefore, it will be the primary meditation practice for the duration of the course.

SPD 110 Self-Awareness

An overused quote about insanity is ‘repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome’ is the cause. However, this raises the issue of one’s awareness of the self and the multifaceted aspects of being human. Human beings are more than physical body; they also have spiritual and soul (psyche) dimensions which are equally if not more important than the body. Self-awareness is necessary for optimal balance and functioning in life. To be self-aware is to realize the dimensions of self and the states of those dimensions. In this course you will explore the dimensions of self by studying various systems and techniques for self-awareness. The goal of the course is to assist you in becoming more conscious of: your attitudes, beliefs and ways of being; symptoms of stress and imbalance; healthy responses to stress and imbalance; and how to integrate spiritual principles to maintain balance and honour all facets of your self-aware beingness.

SPD 111 The I of the Storm 

“NO ONE IS AGAINST YOU. This is the absolute Truth. You may not believe it now. You may have a lifetime of evidence to the contrary. But until you realise that the entire universe is for you, you may never experience your wholeness and true worth” (from The ‘I’ of the Storm p7). This is the start of a great journey based on the books, The I of the Storm by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons and I of the Storm for Teens by Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons. In this course, you will explore the principles of embracing conflict and creating peace in everyday life. This course is designed to help you function from your heart centre, demonstrate Unity principles in times of conflict, and complete a 21-day reconciliation process.

SPD 112 Conversation Skills

Ever found yourself in a Crucial Conversation and wondered “How did I get here and how do I get out?” or “Wow that conversation took a turn for the worst – fast!” Is there one of ‘those’ conversations that need to happen? If so, this course could be for you. Conversation Skills is a course that enhances effective communication skills to include the ability to stay in dialogue when emotions are driving us to “shout out” or “shut down.” The course aims to provide knowledge and tools for listening, creating connection and facilitating dialogue in tough, emotional situations. The principles and models taught are aligned with spiritual practices. The class is based on the model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which includes: taking responsibility for our own experience; commitment to increasing our awareness of our own feelings and needs as well as those of the people with whom we interact; and having the capacity to be authentic and compassionate in all circumstances.

SPD 115 Self-Care

If you don’t look after yourself who will? Self-care involves making choices that reflect a consciousness of well-being. As you become aware of the care of your mind, body and spirit, you discover that when you are your best self, you make contributions to your family, your communities and to the world consciously. This course will provide guidelines and action plans for instilling practices of self-care in the areas of awareness, mindfulness, setting boundaries, letting go, forgiveness and self-love. The class will be both reflective and interactive as you build self-awareness and share what works in applying self-care practices into your daily life. The course will assist you in identifying how to use this foundation in times of stress and chaos as well.

SPD 120 Discerning Your Purpose 

Who am I and why am I here? Is there a purpose for my life and how do I find it? The spiritual path diverges in many ways. Discerning which path to take is both a reflective and action-packed process. In this course we take a look at your strengths and abilities, as well as your desires and passions to help to determine what actions to take or better yet, to discover the questions. Getting to a full-bodied ‘yes’ may be a desired outcome for some, while others may find forming the questions for clarity more beneficial. Being on the path of your purpose is enlivening and fulfilling, and it also comes with real-life challenges. How do we navigate this terrain? Discerning Your Purpose provides a process for challenging your thoughts and desires along with accountability steps to manifest that achievement. You will explore your skills, abilities and spiritual gifts while discovering the ‘next steps’ for progressing to the desired outcome.