Unity National School

Are You Pulled to Explore Your Spiritual Potential?

You have arrived here as part of your life’s journey. You seek to delve into the adventure of life through learning, sharing, and experiencing your greater nature.

The “inner pull” to spiritual growth arrives in a variety of forms – a series of coincidences, an unexpected life change, or simply beginning to question commonly-held beliefs. Whatever form your “inner pull” takes, Unity National School will help you succeed on your path of spiritual discovery and growth.

Unity National School teaches universal principles that are backed by the latest science on the relationship of mind and matter, and draws on the wisdom of ancient sacred texts. Unity honors the universal truths in all religions and respects each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.

The Infinite is found in every aspect of life, so you will find stories and courses here that lead you to reflecting, questioning and exploring a variety of themes and perspectives, which, we trust, will expand your awareness, build on your knowledge, and support you in living your best life.

Over time many lessons Unity co-founders taught were written down. Now there is a great body of material available from the Fillmores and those who followed. They were teaching universal Truth principles, and called it “Spiritual Science” and eventually “Practical Christianity.” Charles Fillmore spoke in one of his lessons that it was not a new religion, nor a religious fad, but pointing to several truths in many religions.

Whether you are interested in classes for credit or a curious spiritual explorer, at UNITY NATIONAL SCHOOL we have something for you.

Unity National School for Australia and New Zealand was established by the Association of Australasian Unity Leaders, Inc. and is proud to be part of the worldwide Unity movement.

Unity has an education program that is available to all people wishing to improve their lives.

FOR THOSE SEEKING CREDENTIALING: All classes, webinars, and workshops are offered on a free-will love offering basis. People who enter the program with a view to becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher or Minister pay a registration fee for each class. There are currently 22 classes in this program. When you have finished these classes you will receive a certificate of completion for Unity Spiritual Development Program. It also provides the foundation for those wishing to become Licensed Unity Teachers or ministers. UNS for Australia and New Zealand provides all 22 classes plus other webinars and workshops.