Willing to Experiment

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What a strange notion. It never crossed my mind that life was an experiment. For me it was almost set in concrete. What could I do about what life threw at me. It seemed as if I had drawn the short straw, as it were, and now had to live with the consequences. I’m not sure if my mother ever said this but it sure sounds like her, “You made your bed, dear, now lie in it!”

I don’t know if you’re seeing this but boy did I have some kind of victim mentality going. Life just wasn’t fair. How come others seemed to get ahead and I couldn’t? It all felt so hopeless. I remember having some idealistic dreams about how I would make a difference in the world but all that seemed to be happening was that I was getting further and further mired in debt and unhappiness.

What was the secret to life? I’m not even sure that that question crossed my mind. Because I’m pretty sure with what I know now that it would have put me in a position of finding some answers.

What would it take to get me looking for answers? It was an episode with my daughter. One that, still to this day, shames me and brings tears to my eyes. I was angry with her, a common enough situation, but on this particular occasion I could actually picture myself throwing her through a window. It scared me. I knew at that moment that I needed help.


And help came. I suddenly “heard” about a Loving Relationships Training being held in Melbourne. One sentence from that weekend stayed with me, “Blame is  always off the track.” That became a life-changing moment and set me on a trajectory of finding answers.

I picked up Catherine Ponder’s book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. I hadn’t known there were universal laws that govern our lives. That was a novel concept to me. I began to experiment.

Could I really change my thinking and get different outcomes? Was it really true that I had created my not so very satisfactory life? This  was not a happy thought but then there was the idea that having created it I could now create a new reality.

What if I took what Catherine Ponder was writing as true. She wrote, “There is gold dust in the air for you.” I liked the sound of that.  Although skeptical that I would see any of that gold dust I started to do the things she was writing about.

New Thoughts

I filled up notebooks with denials and affirmations or as one of my teachers now likes to call them “releases and assertions.” I had to release the ides of lack and  limitation which so dominated my life. There were all sorts of things I believed I couldn’t do because I couldn’t afford to. That seems to make sense when you’re in  debt as I was, seriously struggling to keep my head above water.

But if the idea of lack and limitation had actually created circumstances in my life that made that idea seem true then was it possible that I could change the  circumstances by changing my mind? Here’s a new thought I experimented with:

There is no lack or limitation anywhere in my life. I now live in abundance. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask.

As I write that now it is true for me but when I started it seemed like some distant unattainable dream. I was willing though to keep going. The prospect that it might  work was more appealing to me than continuing to live the way I had been.

New Practices

I found that over time the constant repetition of the affirmations that I was finding in Catherine Ponder’s books made a difference. I was willing, too, to take on the practices she was writing about.

I began giving of my time, talent, and treasure. I volunteered, studied, and tithed. The practice of giving money consistently to places and people where I was being spiritually fed was a new concept to me. I began fearfully. Could it really work to move me from struggling to freedom? It did! Within a short time my financial situation sorted out and that was without the usual worldly advice of cutting back. There was nothing to cut back anyway.

I began a practice of forgiveness. In one class a central concept was “there is nothing and nobody against me therefore everything must be for me.” Yeah right. It sure didn’t look like that at first but again as I worked on forgiving everybody and everything in my life that statement became true for me.

Those two practices, experiments if you like, have made the biggest difference in my life.

The Golden Key

You may know about this little Unity booklet published a good many years ago written by Emmet Fox and called The Golden Key. Basically it says that whenever you have a difficult situation, a problem to solve, stop thinking about it and think about God instead.

And it doesn’t matter what your idea of God is, it works. Another experiment.

There’s another little book that has had a profound influence on me and on many others. It’s called The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. I just love the title. Once you know the rules of the game then life becomes a matter of following the rules. You can do, be, have anything you want.

And as one of my teachers used to say, “If you can tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it.”

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